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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Newest Additions!!

Check it out!

**TEN new
Etsy Sellers featured in the "Etsy Spotlight" with full-sized gallery view 'minis'!
Click a Mini to go straight to their wonderful shops!!

**Funny story
that all Ladies can relate to posted on "My Page"
...feel free to leave your comments! Hahaha!!!

**Cute pics
of our 'woodsy neighbor' are now on display in the "Spare Room".
I'm hoping to catch the whole family to post here soon!

Don't forget
to visit all the pages to take part in the various polls!
Some only have 1 or 2 days left for voting!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

3 New Postings!

New postings on THIS page, My Page and in the Spare Room!

Check them out!!

And The Winner IS........................

Okay...so I jumped the gun and drew my "Featured Tab" winner a bit early.

Hey!~It's MY blog, I can do what I want! LOL

Congratulations to


A very talented crafter/artist!

You can visit her shop easily by clicking on the tab linked to her shop above!

A great way to start your early Holiday shopping!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


It's my wonderful hubby's birthday today!!

My poor hubby has to work today on his birthday, and he works SOOO hard building Coal Barges.
Wanna watch a barge launching...click here!
Talk about ridin the wave! LOL
But as I said, he works SO very hard.
He works split shifts...swing shifts...12 hour shifts...he's worked a whole MONTH before w/out even 1 day off (I mean worked even on SUNDAYS!)

He's been SO supportive of my crafting and Etsy business, that I thought I'd have a sale in his honor!
Since today is the 17th, I'm going to offer 17% off everything in my shop!
PLUS I offer Free Shipping to anywhere in the U.S.
SO it's a great way to get a jumpstart on some Holiday Shopping!
Just visit my shop via "The Woody Nook" tab above. If you see something that you're interested in purchasing, contact me there with your interest and I'll revise the listing for you to reflect the discount.

Since he's been such a big inspiration for me, I'd love to be able to tell him when he gets home , "Look Honey, I've had (#) sales today!!"

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


See that lil tab in my header that says "Featured"???

Well, I don't really have a page to go with it...

It could be yours!!!
Have a direct tab linked straight to your Etsy shop, Ebay shop, MySpace, Blog...whatever!
(As long as the content is appropriate!)

How do you become eligible??

Just post the URL of the site that you would like 'Featured' here on this post...and then post another comment or 2 elsewhere on my blog. Afterall, I'd like to be sure that whoever is going to have a TAB on my page has checked out my OTHER tabs! ;)
In other words...
suck up to me!!!
~~LMAO....I'm JUST KIDDING!!! hahaha!!!

I'll check out all links that are posted (to verify appropriateness) then I'll also check to see who had commented elsewhere.
From those, I will draw one at random and then your page will be LINKED UP!!!

I will accept entries from now until the end of July...the winning tab will be up and running on the 1st of August!!



NEVER underestimate the importance of SunScreen/Block. I know I never will again!

We're in the process of getting ready to set up our new pool...well it was used for a few years, but it's new to us! Anyway....I was scrubbing down all the railings, polls, decking....getting it all cleaned up and nice looking.
Whereas the pool parts came out looking pretty as a picture...my FEET didn't!!!

In fact, that's why I'm 'rambling on' for a bit right now so that hopefully the pictures aren't the VERY FIRST thing that pops up with the screen shot should somebody just get on here~LOL

It actually looks worse in person...and especially in daylight!
It's red, It's swollen, It hurts to stand on, let along WALK on.....and SHOES?
For-friggin-get It!!

And yes...it's only on ONE foot! My other foot got a 'little' but not bad.....
Here's the main victim claimed by the sun's unsparing UV rays yesterday......
I actually have pretty small feet! I only wear a 6 1/2...but wow...is this puppy swollen!!
It's actually to the point where it's 'strawberried' a little w/white specs. Oh man, I hope I don't have sun poisoning!
I've been LATERHERING w/Aloe, Burn Lotions, cool rags....it felt as though the bed sheets would be capable of just scraping the top few layers of skin off!!
When you go outside
For the Fun in the Sun
Be sure to wear your lotions
Or for certain you will be DONE!

Monday, July 14, 2008

OH----I HAD to do it!

Here's 2 more new listings today!
I'm on a roll! I may keep going!! LOL

I loved these little bee hives and the mini Shepards Hooks.
So i just drilled a hole into the top of the hive, inserted the hook and then hung these cute lil birdhouse ornaments onto them.
Add a little paint, a little woodburning, a few embellishments
and Wah-Lah!
Cute little trinkets!

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